Talk Speakers Event
Collaborative archiving and Drupal 8 Alison Bancroft August 2018
How to COPE with External Entities Adrian Bateman August 2018
SSO much fun! Ashley George August 2018
Sharing my Experience with Drupal 8 Commerce Chandeep Khosa May meetup 2018
Usability for Drupal Developers Tim Banks May meetup 2018
Having Fun with Drupal 8, PHP libraries and the API Oliver Davies April 2018 meetup
Profiling with Nick Downton April 2018 meetup
Browser Wars 2018 - Implementing a Content Security Policy George Boobyer February 2018 - DrupalCamp London preview
From Grassroots to Enterprise Alison Bancroft January 2018 lightning talks
Taking Flight with Tailwind CSS Oliver Davies January 2018 lightning talks